About Harley Betts

Harley is a self-taught outdoor photographer whose work is inspired by the diverse and spectacular New Zealand landscape. Over several years he has collected thousands of images from all over New Zealand, and has become increasingly recognised for the high calibre of his landscape photography.

He has contributed his work to numerous New Zealand calendars, books and postcards, and his first New Zealand coastal calendar was launched in 2004. His move into medium format photography in the late 1990s helped him to expand on his ability to capture images of the highest detail, and this became the basis for his decision in 2003 to start working with large, high-quality prints of his work.

As well as having an extensive collection of New Zealand outdoor photography, he has photographed scenes from parts of the Southern Ocean, Tasmania, South America and the Ross Sea region in Antarctica, and has given public talks to numerous clubs and organisations about these places.

What originally began as a casual hobby for Harley has now become an irreversible lifetime passion:

"My photography is inspired by my love for our beautiful, yet fragile, natural environment, and by our need to appreciate, respect and preserve it for our future."

Harley Betts, October 2003