About the Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints are available as Digital Master Prints (DMPs) or as Canvas Prints, and are produced from the original transparencies via high-resolution scans. In most cases the original photographs have been taken using either Fuji Astia 100 ASA or Fuji Velvia 50 ASA colour transparency film, depending on the lighting conditions at the time. Fuji Velvia is a very fine-grained film with bold colour saturation that works well in benign lighting conditions, whilst Fuji Astia features a more muted colour palette and has a slightly greater exposure latitude than Velvia, making it suitable for higher-contrast lighting conditions.

Details of the photographic technique, equipment and film used for the original photographs are provided with each Fine Art Print.

Digital Master Prints (DMPs)

The Durst Lambda 130 Printer uses red, green and blue laser beams to print directly onto photographic paper at a resolution unachievable with conventional printing processes

Digital Master Prints represent the latest in digital printing technology, where the original colour transparency is scanned at a very high resolution and then printed directly onto photographic paper using red, green, and blue laser. Digital Master Prints are high-quality photographic prints, faithfully reproducing the exact colours and tones present in the original images and representing a tremendous improvement over conventional mechanical printing processes. Because they are printed directly onto archival-quality photographic paper, Digital Master Prints are extremely stable and durable, perfect for permanent display.


The plain white border provided around each Fine Art Print means it can be safely and easily handled prior to and during framing

The Fine Art Prints offered for sale here are original artworks: they have not been digitally manipulated, edited or otherwise altered in any way, except to remove dust and/or lens flare if at all necessary. These images are therefore guaranteed to be true and accurate reproductions of their originals.

All Fine Art Prints are offered with a matte finish and a plain white border. The matte finish is ideal for minimising reflected light, enabling the prints to be mounted under plain glass without need for non-reflecting glass. The white border around the image is intended for safe and easy handling of the print prior to and during framing, and can be easily cut or masked when the print is mounted behind a matte board or frame.

Canvas Prints

Canvas print stretched onto a wooden frame

Canvas Prints have become very popular in the last few years and are a great way to display your favourite photograph. The texture of the canvas lends an authentic "painted" look to photographs, and also creates a sense of depth that really brings an image to life.

Canvas prints are printed in full, vibrant colour directly onto sturdy canvas and coated with a very durable UV-resistant finish. These can either be mounted and framed in the same way as conventional photographic prints, or stretched onto wooden frames for a truly eye-catching three-dimensional look.

As with Digital Master Prints, canvas prints are supplied rolled in sturdy mailing tubes, allowing customers total flexibility in how they would like them to be mounted and displayed.

Canvas prints are offered at the same price as Digital Master Prints. To purchase a canvas print, simply choose the "Canvas Print" option when you select the size of the print you would like.

Colour Balancing and Fine Art Prints

The issue of exact colour balancing is the bane of all photographers and graphic designers when it comes to the faithful reproduction of colour photographs. Due to the high variability of computer screens when it comes to colour fidelity it is possible that a Fine Art Print's colour balance may not exactly match what you see on your computer screen, just as this website's colours may look slightly different on a different computer screen to the one you are currently using. For example, some computer users (especially those playing computer games) prefer to set their screens to a high-contrast and high-saturation setting, both of which tend to exaggerate colours on-screen.

The only guarantee that Harley Betts Photography can offer in this respect is that the Fine Art Prints offered here are printed directly from the same scans from which the low-resolution images you see on-screen have been resampled. The process of resampling the original scans for display on the website use does not introduce any shifts in colour balance from that of the original scan

Customers need to be aware, therefore, that due to possible variations in computer screen colour fidelity their Fine Art Prints may show a very slight difference in colour balance compared to what they see on this website on-screen. This is entirely outside the control of Harley Betts Photography and therefore, regretfully, cannot be covered by a guarantee. In practically every case, however, any such differences in colour balance (if there are any at all) are so slight as to be negligible.