Unframed print prices

All prints available for sale are unframed, matte finish prints unless otherwise requested.

Matte prints are generally preferred over glossy prints for their durability; they are also much less prone to reflected light than glossy prints. Glossy prints are available on request, although please expect a slightly longer delivery time as these are generally not held in stock.

Canvas Prints are also sold unframed. These are printed with an additional wide, white margin around all sides to enable mounting as a wraparound print (where the image wraps around the sides of the mounting frame to give a three-dimensional look), or with the entire image on the front only (with the white margin wrapping around the sides of the mounting frame). Canvas prints can also be mounted and framed behind glass, similarly to Digital Master Prints.

All unframed prints are individually packaged and shipped in sturdy mailing tubes complete with a description of each print and advice on how to best care for it prior to framing. The print sizes are nominal; in some cases the longest dimension for each may be slightly different to that specified, because images taken in medium format (6x7) are of slightly different proportions to those taken in 35 mm format. The shortest dimension in all cases is exact.

Prices (as of January 2008) are as follows:

20 cm x 25 cm:NZ$ 110
28 cm x 35 cm: NZ$ 145
40 cm x 50 cm: NZ$ 195
50 cm x 62.5 cm: NZ$ 285
75 cm x 94 cm (huge!): NZ$ 440

Prices include packaging, handling and postage to any physical address worldwide.

For orders of multiple copies of the same print at the same size, a discount is offered at the rate of 10% for 2-4 copies and 20% for orders of 5 or more copies. This discount is available as a result of lower production costs for multiple copies done at the same time.

Framed prints are also available on request. However, due to the high risk of a framed print being damaged in transit, these are available for shipping to New Zealand addresses only. For more information on framed prints, please write to info@harleybetts.com.

Delivery times may vary according to demand; please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery within New Zealand, or 4 weeks for international deliveries.